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for Women




Habitual squinting and frowning create lines on your face and lower your brow.  Consequently women appear aged, stressed, worried and even angry. At Bel-Art, we can conservatively utilize Botox to smooth the complexion for a more healthy and youthful appearance. Nurse Zelia will artistically raise the brow just enough to give you a soft, natural and sexier appearance. Not surprisingly, brow shaping is one of our most popular procedures! 



With age, women's earlobes lose elasticity and volume, causing them to appear thinner, creased and wrinkled. This loss of volume also reduces the foundation which support earrings, causing the earring to droop awkwardly forward. Nurse Zelia injects a small amount of dermal filler like Restylane, Juvederm or Belotero to plump up the deflated earlobe, thereby returning your earring into its correct position, leading to an overall more youthful appearance.






You will just love our all-inclusive, results-oriented, signature facial. This treatment is customized and designed to reveal radiant skin and to reduce visible signs of aging by restoring firmness, texture and tone. This Signature Facial uses specialized products created by Nurse Zelia.

Once the area is prepared, a skin stamp imprints the surface, creating thousands of micro channels in the skin. Next, pure, compressed oxygen is applied at high pressures as epidermal-repair serums are massaged in through the micro channels. The serum reaches deep into the pores for an unparalleled hydration and a signature glow. The treatment finishes with a special facial toning using Micro-Current Technology to smooth texture, fine lines and relieve pigmentation. Enjoy the lasting results of healthy, refreshed, hydrated skin with the Nurse Zelia Signature Facial!





Great for a night out! This treatment strengthens and lifts tired muscles with Micro-Current Technology. One treatment will reach all 32 facial muscles, gently manipulating and re-educating the muscles by using a series of precise movements to improve their tone. Immediate results are seen as the muscles rebound to their youthful position. See for yourself! 





This non-invasive surface vacuum treatment gently exfoliates the outermost layer of dead skin cells.

It’s simple, painless and will rejuvenate your skin.

Our treatment includes a complete pore cleansing, followed by an infusion of medical grade serums and LED light therapy to effectively treat acne without pain or side effects.

This powerful treatment leaves skin visibly clear and reduces acne-causing bacteria.





All material provided on the Bel-Art Aesthetics website is provided for

informational or educational purposes only. 

Consult a medical professional regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations

with respect to your medical conditions.

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