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Sun damage, genetics, age and gravity all conspire to add excess skin along the chin and jawline.  Also, age-related loss of  the chin pad tissue makes the area appear droopier and narrower.

As with the entire lower face, aging causes all the muscles and fat to descend, such that tissue weight and loss of chin pad support creates marionette lines or an inturning lower appearance.


By combining injectable Fillers and Botox,

all these conditions can be addressed without surgery.


Jaw line “Notching”

Two little indentations can develop on the jaw line directly below the outside corners of the mouth. These indentations or notches interrupt the smoothness of the jaw line, disrupting its ideally smooth contour from the ear to the chin.  As jaw line notches may have different causes, consultation with Nurse Zelia is required for a medically precise diagnosis and a specifically optimized treatment plan.  


Cobblestone chin

Some chins develop lumpy or bumpy skin with age. The French, who have a romantic word for everything, term this peau d'orange or orange peel, as Nurse Zelia learned while attending a Paris conference on aging skin.  In any language, cobblestone chin can be readily rectified with minimal amounts of Botox or Filler. 


Receding chin

If a receding chin affects your teeth position or chewing, then your bite must be checked by a doctor or dentist for any bone or joint issues.  However, if the position and mechanics of your jaw bones and teeth are normal, then the non-surgical approach to an age-related receding chin involves use of the thicker fillers that are used for chin and jawbone alteration. 



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